Amsterdam creativity capital

Comunicación corporativa , Editorial , Storytelling , Cuestiones sociales
The sections where a.s.r’s last 10 years of events unfold are interspersed with thematic inserts depicting subjects such as their art collection, support of sports, and the various milestones they have achieved through their real-estate investments.


Small in size but a giant in aspirations, Amsterdam deserves the Creative Capital title through its numerous creative developments and innovations. The book takes the viewer through the creatively rich aspects of the city: from its philosophers and artists to its football players and engineers. Displaying a whole spectrum of contributors and influencers, while also giving deep insights into how creativity and economics have been intertwined with the creation of this city. Amplifying the scope of creativity and the role it plays through all layers of society, knowledge, design, and development. The product also aimed to distance the city from its image as a tourist destination, focussing on the creative richness anchored in the past, with a continued projection into the future with countless new inventions and new approaches to life.


This publication is an effective tool focusing on the goals that the city branding of Amsterdam defined for itself. It actively helps engage governing parties, national and international entrepreneurs, and investors to set up shop in this progressive environment.




client: Amsterdam City Council / original idea: Marcel Wanders / concept & design: Lopezlab Amsterdam, Mariola Lopez Mariño / production: Willemijn van Herwijnen / copywriter: Anneloes van Gaalen / printing: Flevodruk Amsterdam