Maarten baas Hide & Seek

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A book with the intended target of exploring Maarten Baas as the most stubborn instrument of his time. Setting himself purposefully apart from other tenets of design, Maarten is known for the way he seeks new paths, constantly reinventing himself.


This book was imbued with the same magical mystification found in his work. An interior and furniture designer, Martin positions himself as a naughty boy, perpetually going against the rules, surprising his audience, crossing genres and playing. This peter-pan quality of his is combined with a rich imagination, high-end craftsmanship and great aesthetic sense. Positioning his work uniquely between museum art, consumer goods, interior design and performative arts.

With this book, we tried to bring out Maartens underlying craziness, versatility and creativity. Establishing him as someone who broke the borders between art, design and performance. 


As a popular children’s game - Hide and Seek as the title of the book underlined Maartens playful and theatrical approach to design. More than half of the work he produced in the last 15 years were re-photographed to align with the strategic aims of the publication. We also curated a few influential photographers such as Erwin Olaf, Anton Corbijn and Lisa Klappe, who photographed unique iconic shots of both Maarten and his key pieces. The book was an instant success and was sold out in the first year of its release. This book is the first major overview book of the work of one of the world's leading designers.



client: Maarten Baas / concept & design: Lopezlab Amsterdam, Mariola Lopez Mariño / production: Sacha Happee / photography: various authors / publisher: Lecturis / texts: Brendan Cormier, Lidewij Edelkoort, Marcus Fairs, Ingmar Heytze, Annemartine van Kesteren, Fabio Novemebre, Wim Pijbes, Mark Wilson, Sue-an van der Zijpp/ DTP: Marleen Daamen, Marian van Alphen / publisher: Lecturis / printing:Wilco Art Books