This is not flamenco

Comunicación corporativa , Editorial , Cultura , Asuntos sociais
On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, the Dutch Flamenco Biennial commissioned a special jubilee book titled: This is not Flamenco. Intending to be a corporate tool to awaken interest and reinforce connections with the festival sponsors, this limited edition publication also had a secondary purpose of being sold as merchandise during the festival.


This publication was intentionally designed as a corporate tool to build a strong impression of what the Flamenco Biennial stands for, as a progressive international music festival. The festival prides itself on its avant-garde approach to Flamenco. With a daring new approach towards the art form, the festival is open to taking risks and supports young artists with their vision of this millennial form of art and music. The book aimed to communicate this vision both through form and content.



This non-conformism is evident in the styling of this publication. Enhancing the sense of touch with it’s waxed, semitransparent wrapping paper cover material and the conscious use of non-flamenco related photographs the book breaks away from conventional structures. The book showcases a series of artistic and abstract pictures of colorful clothes suspended in air shot by the Italian fashion photographer Monica Ragazini. Freely evoking the essence of Flamenco without explicitly addressing it. This approach illustrated the ground philosophy of the Biennale perfectly. 




Combining skilful traditional printing and binding techniques like embossing, double pasting, and a rounded spine, with deliberate use of typography and high-end abstract photography, this high-quality product leaves an indelible impression on the readers. The ability of this corporate tool to leave a lasting impression that goes beyond the present moment actively adds value to the biennale corporate communication. Supporting the festival with successfully establishing itself as an event different from other Flamenco festivals that take place around Europe as well as Spain. 

 Successfully achieving its main aim to set itself apart from the norm in this genre and other Flamenco festivals around the world, this publication acted as a statement and the voice of the brand. An important tool used to establish the festival goals for possible sponsors, subsidiaries and government officials who were involved in the planning of the festival.




client: Flamenco Biënnale Nederland / concept & design: Lopezlab Amsterdam, Mariola Lopez Mariño / text: Saskia Törnqvist and Faustino Nuñez /  photography: Monica Ragazzini / printing: robStolk