Ostade a'dam

Brand identity , Corporate Communication , Storytelling , Events , Culture
A new identity for a small theatre with a long history in Amsterdam, Ostade theatre was established in 1982 as a cultural centre initiated by the squatters movement in the city.


With an impending threat of a complete shut down by the City Council in 2015, the directors decided to revive the theatre by giving it a new identity that could attract more people. This decision was also to convince the City Council that they were an ambitious entrepreneurial team, capable of uniting people of various cultures under one roof. They also shared the ambition of opening up a new theatre in South Amsterdam, which was established in 2019. 

The identity was created to give Ostade A’dam theatre a more professional approach and also to make communication more systematic. The theatre interiors were revived in a small budget through a participative, handcrafted, environment-friendly fashion. Along with a very positive response from the public, there was a 50% increase in footfall in the very first year of re-opening. This was a huge success story for a small village-scale enterprise.



client: Ostade Amsterdam Theater  / brand development & design: Lopezlab Amsterdam, Mariola Lopez Mariño / website development: NotFound Digital Creativity / photography:  René van der Hulst / interior design: Mariola Lopez Mariño, Annekatrien van Meegen / interior execution: Ostade A’dam