Jewish history museum - de trommel van else berg

Editorial , Storytelling , Culture , Social matters
At the end of the second world war, friends of Jewish artist Else Berg found nothing in her empty apartment but a hand-painted tin box filled with memorabilia.


We were asked to create an engaging publication where the life of this artist and the historical period she lived in was brought back to life using only the contents found in this little box. We approached this project by systematically photographing every item within this box with precision similar to police records, evoking the administrative accuracy characteristic of the German occupation which ultimately costed so many lives. 




Applying an aesthetic color palette stemming from the 40ies, made the atmosphere of those years almost tangible within the pages of the book. Each item had a number reference that was mentioned within the unfolding story. This publication later fitted into the big picture of an exhibition held in the Jewish History Museum in Amsterdam, where the paintings by Else were combined with these personal items along with her box. This product told a story with a highly sensitive subject in a contemporary and accessible tone.

Credits: yet to know