Cancer Centre Amsterdam - Bob pinedo

Corporate Communication , Editorial , Storytelling , Sustainability , Social matters
A publication about the coming into being of the Cancer Centre Amsterdam - the only hospital in Holland fully funded by private initiative.


We were commissioned to develop this publication that both honours this ambitious endeavor and at the same time gives insight into the life and career of its founder: doctor Bob Pinedo. As a publication, we needed to show how such an enormous initiative comes to life by reflecting on the different aspects that lead to it’s making. One aspect of the publication gave insight into the life of Dr Pinedo with interviews of people in his life, to show how the motivation of just one person can lead to such a large endeavour. The other aspects reflected on the building itself, on how it was developed. Special chapters on fundraising in the private sector on such a big scale were included. Along with the use of an enormous photographic archive, the textual features of scientific articles, testimonials, and quotes of Pinedo’s colleagues, family members, and hospital staff, add to the kaleidoscopic framework of the book. All these different elements were brought together in a magazine-like structure to increase accessibility.


The book is of a handy format, with delicate printing techniques, special paper, and has an endearing red crab embossed on the cover. Ten red ribbon markers were added to the book, representing the 10 arms of the crab. Through these poetic tricks, structural and smart storytelling, the publication was an instant success and was sold out in the very first week of its release. The essence of this book, in form as well as content, is all about how passion and dreams, can grow into tangible reality.



client: Cancer center Amsterdam / project initiative: Bureau Sprit / concept and book ontwerp: Mariola López Mariño, Lopezlab Amsterdam / text: Saskia van Basten Batenburg, Dries van de Beek, Theo Wagener / printing: Flevodruk Harderwijk