Bloom luscious

Editorial , Storytelling , Environment , Sustainability
A publication about flowers and plants and its influence on various industries, Bloom takes on an avant-garde approach towards all things environmental and sustainable.


This special issue - ‘Luscious’ transports you to the lush landscape of Brazil. The publication celebrates the endless fertility of plants and earth life. Associating this explosion of life in the plant world, with that seen in the varied forms of life on earth and the cultural diversity of the people sharing this space. With a structured use of color, the layouts are nonconformist along with the use of bold typography. A series of conferences and events were built around this publication, and also a successful exhibition in the Brazilian Embassy in Paris.


client: Trend Union / art direction: Lidewij Edelkjoort / editor: Lili Tedde / design: Mariola López Mariño / texts: Maiá Mendonca, Philip Fimmano/ photography: various authors / printing: Lecturis / exhibition styling: Sergio Machado