Arriva - space for freedom

Corporate Communication , Storytelling , Special projects , Social matters
A project commissioned to establish a clear corporate intention for a multinational public transport company. Arriva wanted to be noticed for being meaningful contributors to society, culture, nature, and sports.

Servicing 14 countries across Europe, Arriva has employed 5,500 people in The Netherlands and more than 55,000 in Europe. Within the framework of the annual nationwide reading campaign in The Netherlands, with an aim to bring poetry to the Arriva passengers. To make this vision a reality, we styled one of the Arriva trains, where an engaging event organised for the passengers traveling on it. The well known Dutch musician Ellen Ten Damme, composed the lyrics of the poems by famous Dutch writers - Harry Mulisch and Remco Campert while on the train with the passengers.


The body of the Arriva train was styled with pictures of the artist, layered with hand-written typography of the poetry she sung. The moving train took on the appearance of an animated poetry book in motion. Designed to be a celebratory experience, even the passengers sang along and were handed out CDs of the music they heard during the journey. The result was a friendly campaign which was an inspiring and uplifting experience, shared through meaningful messaging and engaging performances. 



client: Arriva The Netherlands / concept & ontwerp: Mariola Lopez Mariño, Lopezlab Amsterdam / photography: Danny Ellinger / texts: Remco Campert, Harry Mullisch / music: Ellen ten Damme