Maria blaisse the emergence of form

Brand identity , Corporate Communication , Editorial , Storytelling , Culture , Sustainability
A book serving as a road map to an artist's career, explaining in an accessible way the thinking and engineering behind her work.


We worked with well-shot photographs accumulated by the artist through her 50-year career. Building up the narration with mostly black and white layouts, where a few select colour highlights played a key dynamic component. A build-up to this thrilling story which shows a keen observation of nature where one form, as it were, emerges from another. Leading to a more sustainable approach to design with zero energy waste. 

The book unfolds in two parallel aspects: The first being the visual journey taking you through the evolution of Blaisse’s work. The other is the engineering behind it all. We combined the two with generous amounts of white space and a simplified icon language giving a quick insight into her process. The development of the pictograms that explain the process in a minimalistic fashion, was a powerful tool that became a project in its own right. This is combined with bold typography, applied to the contributions of well-known professionals from a wide range of creative fields. 


Considered a hand guide used by the artist herself to demonstrate her evolution and oeuvre, this book is also a rich source for design and art students along with scientists to understand the role of science through art observation and intuitive creations. The book was recognized as one of the best art books worldwide by Filaf, Festival International du Livre d’Art et du Film. This book is a confirmation of the power of uniting form with content into one direct communication tool.



client: NAi Publishers / book concept & design: Lopezlab Amsterdam / photography: Maria Blaisse, Anna Beeke / text: several authors