Kronings bord

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Commemorating the coronation of the King of Holland, a leading paper in holland - De Volkskrant, approached us along with a few other design firms, to design a plate for this momentous day.

Designing these plates has been a usual tradition for centuries and is usually approached in a very traditional style. But the brief required the plates to be more relevant to the current time. We applied a funny yet respectful caricature style to represent the most defining feature of the king and the queen - their smiles! The result was bold and a product that fares well through time.



This is also an example of old traditions adapting to the changing times, where heavy subjects like the monarchy can be dealt with humor and also represent the signs of the culture it presides over. The other plates designed by various other established design firms show all the unique approaches and styles used to deal with the same subject. The plates designed by other creative agencies make for a visually stunning collection, showing a variety of approaches.


Credits: yet to know