Feikes huis

Brand identity , Corporate Communication , Storytelling , Culture
Breathing life into art, poetry and the inanimate, Feikes House is a production house for visual theatre by the best known Dutch producers and initiators of puppeteering in abstractness.


This is a brand development project focussed on a young audience, adventurous and culture oriented. For feikes House we created a modular, lego-like logo adding a playful element of movement to it. The typographic approach is rooted in classical lettering, yet boldly treated. This boldness, in addition to the unrestrained, energetic treatment of images, frees the brand, enhancing its ability for expression and the capacity to make their own rules. The branding helps translate the world of FH where absurdity is on the surface, freedom is key and creativity reigns. 



Our branding approach succeeds in bringing a lively, constantly changing, and yet always recognizable communication to this production house, while holding production costs off. Creativity, resourcefulness, improvisation, adventure, non-conformism: this young, demanding audience feels at home in Feikes Huis. 



client: Feikes Huis / brand design & applications: Lopezlab Amsterdam, Mariola Lopez Mariño / photography: Monica Ragazzini