Ellen ten Damme - merchandising

Packaging , Corporate Communication , Culture , Consumer goods
With a substantial decline in revenue in the music industry owing to Spotify and Youtube, merchandising has become an essential source of income for many artists. With this purpose, we developed a series of products for ETD’s city tours



Over a period of 6 years, we put together 3 different series of products from Paris to Berlin through Casablance, tailored for the artist's specific target audience. Each one reinforcing the other in style and content, along with adding a new layer to the series and forming an impressive display of merchandising when put together on the stands, present in every concert. Supporting the vision of the artist as an icon and taking a monolithic approach, these products visibly improved sales, creating a steady revenue and formed a substantial part of the profits generated in each of Ellen’s concerts. 


This is a perfect example of being creative about developing new revenue models in the music business. A clear insight into how with a sharp business model, taking bold decisions and being consistent will eventually pay off and help a successful artist maintain their position in this highly competitive industry. These products brought into the homes of her audience, not only a beautiful decorative item of quality but also a permanent presence of a celebrity they admire. 


client: Ellen ten Damme bv / concept & design: Mariola Lopez Mariño, Lopezlab Amsterdam / photography: Danny Ellinger