At home with Ellen ten damme

Brand identity , Storytelling , Events , Culture
A start of a collaboration with Ellen Ten Damme in her set and production design, we integrated her stage performance with her corporate identity. Creating a space to reinforce her brand and to promote her public image as a Dutch entertainment cultural icon.


By using the music and entertainment to reflect the artist’s identity, we developed her public image, by creating an ever-transforming and moving space. Unlike classical corporate identity where platforms like a website or printed publications are the norm for advertising and marketing, we set ourselves apart by venturing into engineering. Showing the artist for who she is using out of the box tools. 



We gave the set a sense of monumentality, giving central focus to the artist and creating a versatile environment, with a great capacity for transformation, underlining her prima donna status. The landscape was given an ever-evolving and changing form with the use of moving textile and lights. Creating a space where the artists take the audience with her into a journey through her stories and making you feel, as the title describes - ‘at home with Ellen’. 



client: Ellen ten Damme bv / visual concept & art direction, light concept: Mariola Lopez Mariño, Lopezlab Amsterdam / set concept & design: Mariola Lopez Mariño, Annekatrien van Meegen / production: Danny Ellinger / stage setting construction: De man Met De Hamer