International Ambition

The Dutch company Xolvio , founded in 2013 from four different partners, develops software for the automation of administrative processes. Xolvio always plans beyond simply applying and executing conventional techniques. While striving towards excellent results in programming and searching for innovative methods, Xolvio always manages to keep an eye on efficiency. They wanted to create a new corporate identity that reflected this method and that would also build on the following values: performance, no-nonse and innovation.

A complete branding of the services of automation specialist Xolvio, that reflects their core values and attracts a new crowd of international customers.

Starting from the motto: targeted automation, Lopezlab first assisted Xolvio in fine-tuning their company philosophy. A new visual identity was build up from the definition: ‘Every statement is a promise’. The corporate identity that Lopezlab created for Xolvio reflects voth the diversity of the services, as the efficiency and innovation that they apply when assembling their software packages.

Within several months after the launch of the newly branded Xolvio, new Dutch and new international clients expressed their interests in the services this company provides. Currently Xolvio is working on projects in Germany and is preparing its entrée in Belgium.

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