Vogels Magazine

Vogels Magazine

20.000 new subscribers

Vogelbescherming is the Dutch partner organization of Birdlife International, worldwide protector of birds and their habitats. Central in their communication strategy is magazine Vogels (Birds in English) that comes out five times a year. With 160.000 copies per edition, Vogels is by far the largest print magazine dedicated to nature protection. To maintain this position, and to appeal to a wider audience, the publishers and marketing strategists approached us for a restyle.

To infuse a breath of fresh air into a magazine formula that has been successful for over a decade. Revamp Vogels Magazine, so to surprise loyal subscribers and readers, and at the same time attract a new reading public.

We dived straight into the world of birds, to find inspiration in all things avian. The bird’s delicate and vibrant characters, exuberant and colourful plumage were translated into a fresh style for Vogels Magazine. From here we developed a format that holds bold style choices with large image sizes contrasted with refined typographic, to guarantee a crisp loop and feel for the magazine.
The initial response of the publishers of Vogel Magazine was enthusiastic, but they were hesitant if such drastic changes would appeal to the regular readers. To test out the formula of the magazine, Vogelbescherming organized a panel session for readers. With 96% of the invites reacting positive to the style change, it was immediately adapted.

The revamped formula of Vogels Magazine yielded approximately 20,000 new subscribers, and we count this restyling among our proud successes. The objectives of the Bird Protection Foundation came across more clearly in this newer version, as the crisp style ensured a high reading percentage of all featured articles.

*Project developed while working at Studio Anthon Beeke.

“Toen er een nieuwe vormgeving van het verenigingsblad ‘Vogels’ aan ons werd gepresenteerd, werd ik onmiddellijk getroffen door de duidelijkheid en simpelheid van de opmaak. Zonder bedenksels, maar met allure. Vooral het logo maakte indruk: stevig en compromisloos. De unaniem positieve reacties van het daarop volgende lezerspanel bewezen dat ze feilloos de smaak van dit kritische publiek had aangevoeld.”

Frans Buisink
Voormalig Hoofdredacteur Vogels

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Vogels Magazine