Uitgeverij Bas Lubberhuizen & De trommel van Else Berg

Bas Lubberhuizen Publishers &
Else Berg’s life

Reliving Time

Of the lives of Jewish artist couple Else Berg and Mommie Schwartz nothing but a box filled with documents was left; also their work remained in the darkness after the Second World War. An exposition in the Amsterdam Jewish Museum, and a book published by Bas Lubberhuizen Uitgeverij should put an end to this situation.
Lubberhuizen asks Lopezlab to create a publication where the lives of the two artists and the historical period they lived in, were brought back to life. The publication would be entirely based on the personal documents found in the box.

Lopezlab systemically photographs every scrap of paper and every detail of information that is found in this small box. These photographs construct the outline of the publication. It is a story that is told in an unemotional, small and straightforward way. The main colours of the book all stem from the 30ies and the 40ies of the 20th Century. The atmosphere of those years becomes tangible through it. The size of the book is purposefully small: the more detached the story is told, the more inevitably involved the reader gets into it.

Reviews spoke of a book created like emotional architecture, which shows that the approach of Lopezlab set the right tone for a highly sensitive subject.

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Uitgeverij Bas Lubberhuizen & De trommel van Else Berg