Ridderlijke Duitse Orde

Ridderlijke Duitse Orde

Connecting is key

Concept, design and print production of an exclusive publication to celebrate nearly 800 years of the Teutonic Order of Knights, Utrecht Bailiwick, in the Netherlands.

The Teutonic Order of Knights in Utrecht is a foundation that stems from a rich cultural and societal tradition that has built up over nearly 800 years. Over the centuries The Order has developed from a closed community of select aristocrats to a charity endowment fund with a focus on a socially activity and care. The Order is guardian of an extensive historical archive of artefacts and cultural objects, with at the centre an astonishing collection of portraits of all land commanders that served the order over the last 450 years.

To create a publication that reflects the atmosphere and the ideals of The Order and connects them to the present. To introduce a wider Dutch audience to the Utrecht Bailiwick by unlocking it’s unique history.

‘Medium is message’. That was the starting concept for Lopezlab to create a state-of the art communication tool. The extensive publication physically reflects the longstanding key values of the order: tradition, quality and honesty. Central in the bookwork is the unique portrait series of representatives of the knightly order. By literally placing these faces forward, people who read this book will be introduced and acquainted to them. At the same time this symbolic gesture of introduction is accompanied by a growing activity and social engagement of the order. This book sensitively gives an relevant impulse to opening the door between this this community and dutch society.

“The book feels as if it could not have been made in any other way. It perfectly reflects our organization in a contemporary fashion.”

Baron J.R. de Vos Steenwijk
80ste landcommandeur

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Ridderlijke Duitse Orde