Ostadetheater Jeugd

Ostadetheatre, childrens theatre

Parents become “fans”

To create a campaign image that contrasts the children’s-theatre range from the rest of the program of the Ostadetheater. The style fits within the general visual identity of the theatre, and will attract both the age ranges of the children as their parents. The style will be versatile and applicable in the general communication and merchandise. Main goal of this investment is to gain access to a wider audience, to grow in reputation towards the public and to augment ticket sales. How does one create a classic?

We wanted to create a visual token to establish a friendship between the theatre and it’s visitors. For this we focus on creating a new brand that is both accessible visually and invites both children and their parents in. As centrepiece of the series we created several animal characters; all of them drawn by hand, simple in their line and colouring. These creatures are at the heart of the campaign: their simple silhouettes accompanied a very light typographic set up, as to enhance a classical feel. The new design can be altered through small variations, so that every season has its own specific look. This new design classic is easily applicable for digital communication tools, for printed matter such as flyers and posters and also for the several types of merchandise (cups and toys) that Ostadetheater requires.

The fresh campaign for the Ostadetheatre is quickly noticed on the streets and in the theatre. The number of visitors rises substantially (from .. to …) after the launch. The simplicity of the animal characters that are the core feature of the visual style appeals to the children that visit the theatre, as well as to their parents and to the people who work in the company. New merchandise, in the shape of a children’s book and several toy characters, based around the animals, is currently in development.

“For Lopezlab concept and practical execution of the design are two sides of the same coin. A lot of detail is placed on the basics of the design; an extensive research towards goal and target groups laid the foundation for each campaign. Then the translation of all these elements into a fluid graphic style is made in a way that is remarkable and sparks attention. “I have always greatly admired the way that Lopezlab finds new angles to present the original visual marker, without ever becoming unrecognisable. Through small changes in colouring and subtle typographic tweaking a design never fades or ages, but remains fresh and up to date.”

Eliane Attinger
former managing director of Ostadetheater

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