Museum Het Valkhof

Museum Het Valkhof

Celebrate our history
(or how to encapsulate a museum)

Based in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, the Museum Het Valkhof holds a collection with a very special signature: the collection features a wide range of archaeological pieces as well as contemporary and modern art. In 2009 the Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary with a publication designated to generously introduce the public to the riches of the collection. In 2012 this introduction is built out by adding a new book, elaborates on the concept, but will have a more modest and approachable size and likewise price.
In a commission by Studio Anthon Beeke, Lopezlab developed concept and provided art direction for the first ‘lavish’ edition in 2009. In 2012 Lopezlab delivered the entire trajectory of production for the ‘pocket’ addition of the book independently.

Twee editions, one product
In this project the challenge lies in shaping two editions into one product, while each one of them still appeals to the differentiated target groups. We created two personalities for the two books that would clearly define their character and matching goal, dubbing the lavish one, the WOW-edition, and the pocket size the cuddly-edition.
The cuddly-edition was designed from a product-design perspective. And the Wow-edition focused more on prestige. The two elements would have to share their window-space, and we searched for a presentation strategy that would clearly reflect the connection between the books, maintaining their individual characters. These eye-catching books attract the widest audience, ranging from the higher to the lower segment.

Both publications are well received by the public; the lavish edition was perceived as a statement, as if a part of the museum can really be brought home. The smaller edition was less costly but held the same nice introduction to the collection of Het Valkhof.
In the shops it is immediately clear that, among the other colourful designs on the shelves, these two books hold their ground. Unity in concept and production of these two publications delineates this. With these products Museum Het Valkhof found an independent and recognizable way of distinguishing themselves in relation to other cultural institutions in Holland.

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