Ellen ten Damme

Ellen ten Damme

Branding a public image

Allround singer and performer Ellen ten Damme has been a star-presence in the German and Dutch cultural scene since the 90ies. From a playful enfant terrible, she has grown up to become a grande dame of the theatrical rock and roll scene. All of this with a shot of raw glamour and sex appeal. Photographer Danny Ellinger is fascinated by this beauty and dedicates himself for over two years to capture Ten Damme in every detail. The outcome is 360.000 images that we condense into one book, that we fittingly titled Obsession. Lopezlab designs this publication, and from here collaboration with Ten Damme starts. Ten Damme requests Lopezlab to consult in defining the essence of her style, to serve as a roadmap for future career steps and style decisions.

Through conversations with the artist and her entourage, Lopezlab investigates the personal and artistic motives of Ellen ten Damme. Then after extensively researching the visual and inspirational sources of the performer, the intrinsic elements of Ten Damme are distilled. These sources shape the foundation for a colourful and layered vision, together presented in a white book. This book serves as a touchstone from which the artist can define her future steps.

A book, Obession, shaping a new, primordial vision of the artist. An outlook and a roadmap for strategic choices in the career of Ellen ten Damme. A guide on the level of pr, styling and communication oriented to the future on the long run.
This total branding helps to shape all communications of the star from now on into a solid vision, that includes: copy editing, graphic design, styling, photography and on-stage items.

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Ellen ten Damme