CPNB Campaign ‘Holland Reads’

CPNB Campaign ‘Holland Reeds’

A 1.200.000 copies: One delicious campaign

Dutch organization CPNB promotes books and the activity of reading, by organizing events and campaigns such as the yearly recurring Boekenweek (Week of the book) part of Nederland Leest (Holland Reads). During this special month bookstores and literature receive extra attention through a nationwide print campaign, performances and special events like reading sessions. This grand gesture holds equal effect, as there appears to be a run on books during and the weeks just following it.

To develop the communication material for the annual campaign of CPNB, themed ‘Life! Celebrate!’ The Dutch classic novel ‘Het leven is vurrukkuluk’ (life is delicious), a hedonistic and playful summer tale with Amsterdam during the Flower Power Sixties as it’s décor, by Remco Campert, is reprinted for the occasion.

Develop a campaign aimed at future ambassadors of reading; students, celebrities and other public figures. To motivate people who don’t tend to read to pick up a book more often, and to ignite a renewed interest in the oeuvre of Remco Campert in those already loving his work.

To capture the lust for life that sparks from Campert’s classic, and transfer it into (public) space, Lopez Lab playfully translates the message onto objects. A three-dimensional book cover carries the campaign text, a chair transforms into a shop window, a stubborn bus is looking for letters, and a picnic towel turns into a puzzle of words. The jazzy and colourful atmosphere of the Acquarian Age of the Sixties is recalled in a theatre programme: ‘Klup Verukkuluk’.

During the monthly run of the campaign nationwide collaborations are established with schools, libraries, reading groups and television programmes. With more than 1.200.000 copies, the re-issue of ‘Het leven is verrukkuluk’ was the largest book edition of that year in The Netherlands. One delicious campaign, indeed.

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