CPNB 50th Childrens Book Week

CPNB 50th Childrens Book Week

An Endearing Prizewinner

Even though Kinderboekenweek (Childrens Book Week), the annual Dutch event to promote children’s books and reading, just turned 50, it will never grow old. Organizers CPNB decide to celebrate this special anniversary – fittingly – with a book. From the adage ‘forever young’ a concept for a publication is commissioned that can serve as an anthology of Kinderboekenweek and be a visual essay that depicts how being a child in The Netherlands has evolved over the past years.

How has childhood evolved over the past fifty years in The Netherlands, and what stayed the same? To visualize the constants and the changes, Lopezlab tapped into their extensive network and approached approximately 250 contacts with a questionnaire about their childhood. Responses of this crowd generated content were delivered through words and images, and they shape the theme of this publication. In pictures, drawings, short stories and textual snippets this books shows how we look at the world from a child’s perspective. Lopezlab covered all parts of the production process: from concept- to product development, styling, casting, photography, copy editing and print production.

This book is a physical testimony to a Dutch cultural icon that celebrates this exceptional event in an engaging and endearing way. The publication was lauded with the prestigious ‘best book of the year’ award.

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CPNB 50th Childrens Book Week