Bob Pinedo & Cancer Center Amsterdam

Bob Pinedo &
Cancer Center Amsterdam

Fundraising the future

VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) is an academic cancer research and care institute, connected to Amsterdam’s VU medical centre. The institute was established entirely with private funds, and when it opened in 2006 approximately 12 million euros had been collected. The driving force behind this unique project is oncologist Bob Pinedo. Lopezlab was commissioned to develop a publication that both honours this ambitious endeavour and that at the same time gives insight into the life and career of its founder: doctor Pinedo.

Give insight into the origins of the CCA, and connecting the story of the institute to the personal history of dr.Pinedo as well as the development in the field of cancer treatment and the medical field. The massive achievement of Pinedo and his associates to collect as much funds on their own initiative, presented in this book, will hopefully aspire readers alike into action.

How to connect a very intricate life story to the founding tale of an organization? Lopezlab zooms into the person behind the professional character of Bob Pinedo by collecting an extensive amount of archival- and photographic material. From these visual details and stories an engaging story appears. A story reflecting the remarkable trajectory of a boy who, after growing up in an environment that is far removed from academia and medical science, evolves in to one of the most successful oncologists of the field. On textual level, scientific articles, testimonials and quotes of Pinedo’s colleagues, family members and hospital staff, collected by author Saskia van Basten-Battenburg add to the kaleidoscopic framework. Lopezlab plays with the different tones of voice that are found in the content, and adds to the effect with an experimental shape of style, building up the book from different types of paper, typography and an eclectic design style. The complexity of the subject is reflected in the shape of the publication that at the same time holds the in-depth material of a well-researched biography, as the airy note of a life style magazine.

The book was received with great enthusiasm, as well from within the medical field as by a wider audience. The first edition was sold out within one week after appearance.

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Bob Pinedo & Cancer Center Amsterdam