Athelia Solutions

Athelia Solutions

Small company with a global target

Athelia Solutions is a company within the Air Liquid Group, leader in industrial mobility and traceability of assets RFID in Spain, Portugal and France. The job for Lopezlab entailed the revision of the corporate image, as well as the refinement of the name, image and communications strategy for the new product line of the brand. This way the new products would immediately be in line with the latest ambitions of Athelia Solutions.

To rethink the communication strategy of the brand, shifting focus from the brand, towards the new products. Provide the new products with an easy-to-comprehend, global approach and accessible language that give the clients insight into the excellence and user-friendly material.
Looking for an economical and concise form of communication, that also links the different products at hand, Lopezlab developed a flexible corporate image that functions at the same time as a brand and a pictorial language. With an extremely sparing set of elements, we launched strategy, empathy and recognition in one go. The brand now brings forward an open image that is both technical and approachable.

With a large share of the oil, gas and liquids-market at hand, Athelia succeeded bringing in new products Awarenet and Django with great success. Awarenet is Athelia’s solution to traceability of returnable containers for different sectors, and Django is the answer to the mobile industrial information for operations in the field with a groundbreaking new image. Awarenet has become an important platform for both Air Liquid Group and it’s multiple clients to trace its valuable assets.

The sturdy and professional image of the brand and the outlook on the products has rendered a larger value to the solution, strengthening both the trust of Athelia’s principle partners in the brand, as extending to new clients. The professional solutions of Athelia shine through on all levels in the branding strategy.

Thanks to the corporate image and the new visual language that Lopezlab introduced for new products Awarenet and Django, Athelia now has a series of tools in hand, that offers the possibility of a flexible and up to date media strategy. The element scan be translated into all forms of communications on-line as well as off-line. The manual of the corporate image, the style chart and logotypes are applicable from website, to printed brochures, packaging and presentation material for fairs and trade-shows.

“For Athelia it has been a real pleasure to collaborate with LopezLab. We are fully satisfied with the outcome, but perhaps the most valuable thing has been the process itself and how these guys were able to dig into the real goals and needs of the company systematically and methodically, aligning that with the specific communication and branding needs of the product itself, this is often difficult to quantify but really easy to see for us and our clients in the final product. That makes a real difference.”

Conversión Magro
Athelia Managing Director