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Marcel Wanders
Amsterdam Creative Capital

Prototyping inspiration

The creative potential of cities is a priority in policymaking, and Amsterdam, small in size but giant in aspiration when it comes to creative developments and innovation, competes for the Creative Capital title. Designer Marcel Wanders has been based in the heart of the city with his studio/gallery, aimed to capture the historical and actual creative power of Amsterdam in a publication.

To represent the dynamic creative and economic power of Amsterdam both visually and textually in a book pilot. The pilot will serve as a starting point in the lobby for a larger publication and is part of Amsterdam’s city branding strategy. The prototype will inspire and involve, will inform policymakers, motivate creatives and investors who want to settle in Amsterdam.

How can we visualize creativity? How to capture the volatile inventive and mercantile history of the bustling city of Amsterdam in one book? An editorial team researched went treasure hunting for historical and factual data from a diversity of angles; what brought philosopher Baruch Spinoza to Mokum? How have creativity and economics been intertwined since the Golden Age and what does this have to do with a project like Red Light Art? For the design of the book Lopezlab starts of from a bold and varied choice of typography to present the facts, and for page-sized crisp images as connecting element. By emphasising the image, even though filled up with ranges of disperse facts and text snippets; the book acquires a monumental and calm presence.

An inspiring book, an effective tool to engage governing parties, national and international entrepreneurs and investors to set up shop in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Creative Capital