Aldabra Foundation

Aldabra Foundation

Honouring life through research

Aldabra Foundation fights to ensure the preservation of the Aldabra atoll, World Heritage Site since 1982, by providing support to the Seychelles Island Foundation and by creating an important research institute on the atoll.
Aldabra Foundation approached Lopezlab with an ambition: to create a challenging image for the Foundation that could stimulate sponsors to invest in the establishing of the research institute. The communication design can also serve to familiarize the general public with the extraordinary ecosystem of Aldabra, and educate them on the endemic species.

Lopezlab worked closely together with the Aldabra Chief Executive Office as well as with a team of researchers to build a Nature and Environment NPO with worldwide ambitions.
Together the tagline “A Living Laboratory” was created, offering experts and the general public a multifaceted experience that forges wild life, science and environmental concern with research results applicable anywhere on the planet.
We helped the Aldabra Foudation to create useful communication tools such as brochures, a website, a book and a short documentary to promote their vision and explain their ambitions. We developed architectonical impressions of the future research station also in order to help prospect collaborators visualize Aldabra’s potential and resources.

The unique wild life treasure of Aldabra was rendered accessible to a wide audience through this campaign. After this campaign two expositions came to life. The first exposition at the Dutch Museon attracted 50.000 visitors; the second one was organized in Paris at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle. With 800.000 visitors this eviromental and nature awareness exhibition gained success without precedents.

*Lopezlab worked on this design project while being part of Anthon Beeke Studio.

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