19 European Space Agency – ESERO

European Space Agency – ESERO

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ESERO NL is a collaboration of the European Space Agency and NEMO Science Centre. ESERO wants to support to teachers of primary and secondary education specialized in astronomical science by developing educational material about technological sciences and astronomy.
ESERO NL approaches Lopezlab for a clear design and style for the educational material for students of the primary education level. The design should be applicable both in printed as in the on-line version while the capacities and comprehension level of students ranging in ages between 5 and 12 have to be taken into account.

Information design is key in this project.
On the one hand there is the complex information: on physics, astronomy and mathematics. On the other hand we have a varied range of students, a new generation of scientists, with a different level of learning capabilities. Lopezlab structures complex topics in the right proportion to guarantee a good balance. A clear typographic style ensures optimal reading quality and the pictogram style will playfully engage the students of all different ages.

The Dutch version of this series has been in use for several educational seasons now. Earlier this year an English version was created under supervision of Lopezlab, for students living in England and Ireland.

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